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About Bedford Square



BSQ Overview

Located in the "Golden Triangle" of downtown Westport, Bedford Square is a unique multi-purpose destination that includes premier residences, beautiful public areas, and a significant new space opportunity for high-end retail and dining, supported by vibrant complementary offerings available steps away, including ample parking.


Retail & Restaurants


With its central location and distinct locale, BSQ is an iconic destination for retailers seeking both a prestigious address and strategic sales volume. BSQ provides a superior architectural backdrop for retailers to merchandise. 

Drawing a diverse and active daytime audience and evening/weekend pleasure-seekers, Bedford Square dining destinations will attract steady traffic throughout the day and week.

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BSQ's high-end residential units will be home to a discriminating group of individuals who will shop and socialize across its diverse offerings.


Public Spaces


Open air gathering areas take advantage of Westport's seasonal beauty and retain visitors. The site also features a multi-access pedestrian experience from each adjacent street.